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 10 Simple Reasons Why Costa Rica Should Be Your next Vacation Destination

Trip to Costa Rica: 

1. With 96 points, Costa Rica ranks third in the Health category of International Living’s Global Annual Retirement Index 2020.
2. With one of the most diverse landscapes in the world. 6% of the planet’s biodiversity. Costa Rica has become an adventure playground for anyone looking to spice up their typical beach vacation. 
3. One amazing fact is the Costa Rica Military has been gone for nearly 70 years. It is a country of peace, without an army since 1948. 
4. Tap water is safe to drink in Costa Rica. In the cities and most touristic destinations, you can indeed drink the tap water.
6. You can visit Costa Rica in rainy season and have a great time. We are a tropical country. 
7. Wi-Fi is available everywhere, hotels, restaurants, bars, parks.

8. You don’t have to choose one coast over the other. Have breakfast on the Caribbean or lunch – dinner on the Pacific.

9. Unique activities for all ages. Costa Rica is ideal for solo travelers, couples, families, friends.
10. Costa Rica is famous for beautiful beaches. With coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean. It’s home to some of the best playas (“beaches”) in the world. 
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